Amplify Grade 1 Knowledge Unit 2: The Human Body - Celebration Ideas

My 1st graders always enjoy CKLA Amplify's Human Body unit every year. They have so many questions about how their bodies work, and this unit does a great job of helping them understand the way each body system functions.

human body x-rays on light table

It cover 5 systems:  skeletal, circulatory, digestive, muscular, and nervous system. 

These are the activities I used to help to enhance their understanding of each system.

Amplify Grade 1 Knowledge Unit 1: Fables and Stories - Celebration Ideas

Are you using Amplify's CKLA Knowledge program? It is a bit overwhelming when you are starting out. 

This was my 3rd year teaching Amplify's Knowledge and Skills programs. My students and I absolutely love both of them!

One of my favorite things is using the image cards to create an art gallery for every unit - it helps to keep them talking about it throughout the day!

Amplify Knowledge Fables & Stories Unit Image Cards

Sustainable Classroom Swaps

I'm always working on finding new sustainable swaps for different parts of my life, and that applies to my classroom too. I want to make sure my students are aware of alternatives they can choose from, as well as ways to repurpose and reuse everyday items. 

Here are some of my favorite swaps that I use in my classroom. 

K-1 Opinion Writing: 3 Books Guaranteed to Make Them Laugh...and Write!

Are you looking for books to motivate reluctant writers? These 3 Jon Klassen stories are bound to get your students talking about their opinions!

Once my students are comfortable with the idea of opinion writing, I like to move onto more open-ended books. The types of books that force them to think about what really happened at the end of the story and form their own reasons for it.

K-1 Opinion Writing: 5 Books to Inspire Early Writers

I have always enjoyed teaching opinion writing to K-1 students. Opinion writing is more motivating, as we all know they have opinions they love sharing!

However, getting K-1 students to include a reason for their opinion can be tricky. 

Over the past eight years, I have used these books to launch our opinion writing unit. They have helped my students understand why their opinion need a reason in an engaging way!