Sustainable Classroom Swaps

I'm always working on finding new sustainable swaps for different parts of my life, and that applies to my classroom too. I want to make sure my students are aware of alternatives they can choose from, as well as ways to repurpose and reuse everyday items. 

Here are some of my favorite swaps that I use in my classroom. 

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Dry Erase Supplies

One of our favorites are these Pilot BeGreen Dry Erase Markers.

refillable dry erase markers

I have been using these for the past 2 years, and they are amazing! They are much more durable than the typical dry erase markers. The tips do not pop in, and they write in a nice bold line. 

The bottom half is covered with plastic that you can take off when you are ready to refill them

refill for resuable dry erase markers

Then, you pop out the cartridge and snap in the new one - it is fast and easy. 

You can refill these markers up to 6 times too!

I bought 2 sets in 2022, and they are still working great. I highly recommend these markers.

Dry Erase Boards

We do a lot on whiteboards in first grade - it definitely cuts down on paper waste, and it gives them more space to work on. 

double sided dry erase boards

We use these double-sided boards in math. I prefer using these because it allows my students to have the space they need to solve equations with any strategy - whereas a paper can be a bit lacking in space.  

Dry erase 100's charts

We use these 100's charts for daily morning work and math centers. They are oversized too, which allows them to have more space for the larger numbers early in the year.

dry erase 100's charts by Learning Resources

Dry erase math boards

Dry Erase math boards

Some of my students prefer to use these boards during our math block instead of the plain ones. These boards save them setting up number paths and ten frames  - plus it has a 100's chart on the back. 

Exit Tickets

reusable dry erase sticky notes

For exit tickets for math, skills and knowledge, I love these reusable sticky notes! These are the best, they stick to most surfaces - but we usually stick them to our whiteboard. 

We also use them to answer questions during our Knowledge lessons. I ask a question, the group comes up with an answer, and they post it on the board. Then, when everyone is finished, we can share out. They clean off great with a magic eraser or water. Way less waste than using post-its - plus you can use fun colored dry erase markers!

colorful dry erase markers

These are the markers we have and they have lasted for several years now!

Plastic Free Glitter

Glitter makes my students to happy - but the plastic glitter is not my favorite. I found this glitter last year, and it is my new obsession.

plastic free glitter

plastic free glitter

If you are looking for more color and size options, Today Glitter has lots of varieties! We have used their plastic free glitter to show how germs stay on our hands in our Human Body Knowledge unit. I didn't like washing plastic glitter down the drain - so I used the plastic free instead!

I'm still looking for an individual reusable dry eraser. If you have any suggestions, leave them below!

Looking for more ways to be sustainable? 

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