3 Tips To Get Projects Funded Fast on DonorsChoose!

I have been using DonorsChoose since my first year of teaching. Thanks to them, I have provided my classes with many amazing resources!

These are just a few of the items I have gotten through DonorsChoose

We have gotten tables, chairs, benches and storage shelves to keep our room clean and organized! 

I have also received many tools to support our Amplify Knowledge units: rocks and minerals, galaxy and moon lamps and more!

Many people ask how I get my projects funded so quickly. In fact, I have already had eight projects funded this year!

My DonorsChoose lifetime stats

Here are 3 simple tips to help you get those items you need funded fast:

#1 Keep the Cost Low 

DonorsChoose is an easy way to get supplies for your classroom

DonorsChoose requires at least $100 of items be added to your cart to complete a project. I always try to keep mine in the $200 - $300 dollar range. 

An example of one of my DonorsChoose projects

I always donate $10 or $20 right away to get that bar moving!

#2 Simple Sentences with Short Titles

Examples of catchy titles for DonorsChoose projects

My project usually aim for about 5-8 sentences total. Of course you also need a short, catchy title.

The 2nd paragraph, or purple sentence, is your most important one. You want to try to make that as eye catching as possible!

One of my funded DonorsChoose projects

#3 Share Everywhere!

I share my projects on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In the summer, there are a lot of different companies looking to support teachers - so be on the lookout. 

I don't share with my families unless it is a double funding opportunity. Those come around many times throughout the year: back to school, during Teacher Appreciation Week, and for your birthday!

Twitter helps your projects get noticed!

Here's my stats for the years I've been on DonorsChoose:

My DonorsChoose all time totals

Total number of donors


DonorsChoose really is such a blessing for teachers! 

If you haven't signed up yet use my referral link to help you get started. Plus you will get a Friends and Family promo code during your first week!

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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