Amplify Grade 1 Knowledge Unit 2: The Human Body - Celebration Ideas

My 1st graders always enjoy CKLA Amplify's Human Body unit every year. They have so many questions about how their bodies work, and this unit does a great job of helping them understand the way each body system functions.

human body x-rays on light table

It cover 5 systems:  skeletal, circulatory, digestive, muscular, and nervous system. 

These are the activities I used to help to enhance their understanding of each system.

We used some throughout, and again at the end of the unit to celebrate all they have learned! 

Human Body Book

As we move through the unit, they make their own body system book, using the workbook page to draw, and write about each system.

human body book

I put the pictures from the unit on the screen to help with their illustrations.

muscular system drawing and writing

We write a sentence each day to create a paragraph about the body systems and how they work together. 

digestive system page

They can use the sentence form the chart we wrote together to help, or write on their own.

nervous system drawing and writing

Mystery Science Bones Experiment

This year I used Mystery Science's experiment: Why Do Our Skeletons Have So Many Bones? I love the step by step directions in Mystery Science videos. 

We watched the whole thing through once, they headed to their seats to follow the steps. 

wrist bones experiment

They did an excellent job following the steps, and using the vegetable oil too.

a closeup of one of my 1st graders final result

They came out so great, that we kept them up through Halloween. 

a closeup of one of my 1st graders final result

a closeup of one of my 1st graders final result

They looked great when the sun shined through them. They really enjoyed this activity, and I will definitely use it again!

we hung them on the window for Halloween and they looked great!


I've had Roylco's human bones x-ray set since I taught Kindergarten - and now they fit perfectly into our Skeletal system study! 

I love how each x-ray also highlights where the bone is found in the body. 

My students have always loved using them on the light table - or even just putting them on our windows!

human body x-rays on light table

This year's class also liked to reconstruct the x-rays on the floor, so they could build the entire body!

arranging the x-rays into a human body formation

human body x-rays

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Play Food Sort

After we studied the digestive system, we focused on the food pyramid. 

I love having them sort the play food, using green and red trays to sort the play food. I like this set because it has a mix of healthy and non healthy foods, which we focus on during the unit. 

using play food to sort healthy vs non healthy

We did this on the healthy food lesson day. They each had to choose a food, explain where it fits on the pyramid, and then put it in the correct color tray.

sorting play food onto colored trays, red for unhealthy and green for healthy

 They enjoyed it so much that we did it during the celebration too!

               sorting healthy and unhealthy foods

Glitter Germs

No study of the human body is complete without talking about germs! We reviewed  hand washing, and  how important it is. They had already tried the pepper/soap experiment, so we went with glitter hands instead!

glitter germ experiment for 1st graders

They covered their hands with vaseline, then sprinkled them with plastic free glitter. I use the plastic free, since we wash it straight down the drain after.

plastic free glitter

First they tried to just rinse it, which of course didn't work. Then, they added soap, and they were amazed at how quickly it disappeared!

Marshmallow Heartbeat Experiment

This is an easy prep, all you. need are marshmallows and toothpicks. I didn't manage to get any pictures, but we used this video for the activity.

marshmallow heartbeat experiment

This was a lot of fun, because it gave them a chance to jump around in order to raise their heartbeat. 

I loved the visual, because a lot of students struggled with finding their pulse in their wrist during our circulatory lesson. However, the movement of the toothpick was easy to see after they had jogged in place, or done 25 jumping jacks!

Healthy Foods Feast

What is a celebration, without snacks? Several of my families sent in their child's favorite healthy snack to celebrate!

healthy food feast

For vegetables we had broccoli, carrots, celery, tomatoes and cauliflower. For fruits, a variety of berries, watermelons, apples, and oranges. Then, some yogurts, crackers and pretzels!

families sent in their favorite healthy snacks for our feast!


When it came to creating ambience, this unit was not as easy as Fables & Stories. However,  I did use this photo backdrop to set the tone.

Healthy Foods Photo Backdrop

They loved to discuss the different fruits and veggies they saw and talk about which they liked the most - and the least!


Jam Campus has 3 great videos we watched throughout the unit.

Parts of the Brain

Parts of the Brain by Jam Campus

The Human Bones Song

The Human Bones song by Jam Campus

The Cardiovascular System

The Cardiovascular System by Jam Campus

This was our 2nd celebration, and they had a blast! I will definitely use all of these activities again next year!

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