Teaching Time in First Grade: 5 Tools to Make it Easy to Understand and Fun!

Understanding an analog clock can be overwhelming for 1st graders, but these 5 tools will help your students to feel more confident!

time to the hour and half hour print & play games

magnetic clock

I have used this magnetic clock for several years now, and it is a great tool for introducing time. I love how you can adjust the size, and how easy it is to move!

magnetic analog clock for K-2 classrooms

Since it is magnetic, I can hang it at kid height, so they can use it during our hands-on block in math.

It matches their student clocks perfectly, and I love how the larger numbers make counting by 5's easier too. 

magnetic analog clock for K-2 classrooms

individual clocks

These individual clocks are perfect for math kits! They come in a set of 24, and include the stands to allow them to stand up. The best part is how if they move the minute hand, the hour hand moves naturally. 

It helps my students understand how the hour hands position changes when it is half past. 

print & play telling time games for K-2

online clock

Room Recess has an excellent online clock we use on our Clear Touch Panel during our hands-on math centers.

The digital clock to allow them to self-check their answers - so they can use it as an independent activity or a partner game.

room recess interactive clock

room recess interactive clock

print & play games

My students love to play teacher, and these cards make it fun - and effective!

There are 12 half hour cards, and 12 hour cards. They ask their partner to show a time, and then use the image on their card to check their partners work.

telling time self checking cards

There are 3 different game boards: time to the hour, time to the half hour and a mixed board. There are also 24 cards that show a time, so they can take turns quizzing each other. 

print & play telling time games for K-2

print & play telling time games for K-2

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Numberock has some great songs to help reinforce telling time the half hour and 5 minutes. We have watched these a lot this year. 

numberock time videos

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