2023 Classroom Tour - A Peek into My 1st Grade Classroom

I could not wait to get in and set up my classroom this year  - even though we don't go back until September 5th!

First grade classroom setup, this photo features an alphabet line, standing desk and clear touch panel

I have a good reason for that though, I promise! 

Our building was remodeled last year - so I spent half the year in a temporary classroom. I was able to move into my room in late February. However, it was so last minute that I never really got a chance to make it my own!

First grade classroom setup, featuring tables, alternative seating and organizational tips

This was my first chance to set it up exactly as I wanted with the new lighting and paint. I love how the storage stools brighten it up!

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the math corner of our first grade classroom

This is our math shelf, which still needs A LOT of work when we head back at the end of August.

another angle showing off the setup of a first grade classroom

This is my view of the room from my table where all of our groups meet.

first grade classroom organization and setup ideas

This is our meeting area: we use benches, stools for half the class, and the rest sit on the floor with wobble cushions and small rugs. 

I use Classroom Screen to divide them into AM/PM groups. That way everyone gets a chance to sit in each spot daily. 

Ideas on how to setup a first grade classroom

I have 5 tables, but I haven't put on our name tags or Kagan mats yet. I'll post about those in early September.

first grade alphabet line

The bright white walls and board make posters pop - I love how the alphabet line looks above the ClearTouch Screen!

first grade classroom organization, shelves by the windows for extra space and tables and stools for easy movement

I have all of our shelves up against our walls, that way they have a lot of space to move, and they can work on the floors or by the windows! 

Plus, they are great spots to display books, globe, and our math materials.

I love how Hand2mind's abacus and poppable hundreds chart look on display!

A math shelf in a first grade class with an abacus, clock, 100's chart and ten frames

This is one of the shelves for our table bins, each table has a color and 4 bins that match it.

I numbered the bins for Math, Skills, Knowledge and Supplies. That way I can choose a helper and just tell them which number bin to grab.

How I organized shared materials in my 1st grade classroom with color coded bins and pencil cases

A writing shelf in a 1st grade classroom with our shared materials and some writing supplies

They also have color coded table supplies for crayons, markers, colored pencils, dry erase supplies and scissors/glue. I added new labels this year that I really love!

a closer look at the labels I made for our classroom supplies

Our math corner has all of our calendar displays and our height door - I had this years ago in my K classes and I wanted to set it up again. 

calendar and shape posters for 1st grade

It is from the BookWrangler, and a lot of the animals are ones we study in Animals and Habitats in Amplify Knowledge. 

A door that allows my students to measure how tall they are compared to different animals

Here's a peek at our library shelf.

first grade classroom library organization

And a few extra things I love! 

This is our loose parts trays, I update them for each season.

Loose parts bins for arrival time in 1st grade

This corner has our recess toy boxes and brooms.  It's hard to tell but they are kid-sized, and the dustpan is taller too. They make cleaning up so much easier!

storage containers for recess toys and cleaning supplies for 1st grade

Last up is our mailboxes and Science corner!

first grade classroom organization - a mailbox display

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Shop on:  Classful    TpT    MadebyTeachers   Etsy  

Shop on:  Classful   TpT   MadebyTeachers   Etsy

Shop on:  Classful   TpT    MadebyTeachers    Etsy

Shop on:  Classful    TpT    MadebyTeachers    Etsy

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