ELA Intervention: Increase Engagement with Print & Play Games

We have used many different programs for our ELA Intervention block over the past 5 years: Heggerty, Brain Friendly Reading, and UFLI.

print and play cvc games

I love the daily repetition in these programs, and how it helps my students to feel confident when reading and writing.

I like to add some engagement to our Intervention block. After that intensive lesson, they need time to play cooperatively, and apply the skills they have learned.

r controlled vowel games

These games are low prep - just print and play! 

irregular ending games

After we are done with our daily lesson, they find a partner and choose a game board.

ELA skill based print and play games

To help increase their vocabulary and make it more challenging, they also use the words in a sentence too. I usually spend that time circling the room and listening to them read, and supporting any vocabulary questions they have.

alphabet print and play games

Right now we are focusing on digraphs and long vowels.

digraph print and play games

I keep our games stored in a Sterilite bin and organized by the skill. The dice and game pieces are in jars, so my students can access them whenever they need them!

game pieces and dice for print and play games

Click on the link below to find these skill based games at your favorite shop!

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