Amplify Grade 1 Knowledge Unit 1: Fables and Stories - Celebration Ideas

Are you using Amplify's CKLA Knowledge program? It is a bit overwhelming when you are starting out. 

This was my 3rd year teaching Amplify's Knowledge and Skills programs. My students and I absolutely love both of them!

One of my favorite things is using the image cards to create an art gallery for every unit - it helps to keep them talking about it throughout the day!

Amplify Knowledge Fables & Stories Unit Image Cards

My first graders always love the content they learn in each Knowledge unit, it really is amazing to see the connections they can make throughout the year! 

Now that I've had a few years to focus on how to best teach the content, I wanted to elevate the way in which we celebrate the end of each unit.

Here are some of my favorite activities that help enhance my first graders understanding, and make our celebration days even more entertaining!


To set the mood, I like to hang backdrops on our windows that connect to our unit. Most of the Fables and Stories have a farm setting, so I used this farm backdrop.

CKLA fables and stories ideas

They also help darken the room a bit too since we get so much afternoon sunshine - not that I'm complaining!


Another way to create ambience is with flyover videos for each country they hear a story from. It gives them some awareness of what the landscape is like for each country.

Youtube drone flyovers for each country help to set the ambience, and teach my 1st graders about the areas

click below for the link to these ambient videos

Click here if you would like a copy of these videos!


foam map we use to track the origin of all the stories we read in Knowledge

Since many of these stories take place in different countries, I bought a foam map we use to track all the locations we have "visited" throughout the year. 

I have a key to help them find each country easily. I also add to this chart during Unit 3 - Different Lands, Similar Stories.

they use the numbers on the pins to track the locations of each country

Trade Books

After we finish the unit and the quizzes, we read the trade books, or any other book that aligns to the unit. They love to hear Anansi the Spider, since they heard the folktale in the unit.


Then, it is time for their art projects! 

An illustration of Peter Rabbit by a student

Using Kwik Sticks and oil pastels, my students create an illustration for something they loved learning about from that unit. Then, they write a few sentences explaining why they chose it.

My 1st graders love using kwik sticks and oil pastels to create illustrations for their Knowledge learning each unit!

I display their artwork in our classroom until the end of the next unit. It makes for some great conversation pieces during break times!

An illustration of their favorite story from our fables unit

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Celebration Ideas

For the celebration days, I set up 5-8  different stations around the room. 

Paper bag puppet station

They use jumbo lunch bags and coloring supplies to create puppets of their favorite characters.

paper bag puppets for story retelling

Then, they take their puppets and act out their favorite stories with their friends!

Guided Drawings

I had a very artistic class this year, so I incorporated a lot of art projects into our celebration days. One thing they loved were guided drawings. I used to find different animals and characters for many of our Knowledge units throughout the year! has excellent guided drawing activities

I put them into dry erase pockets, so they could bring them over to the windows to trace. These were such a hit that they even used them during indoor recess in the winter!

tracing pages at the window with dry erase pockets

they love to use them at the window to allow them to trace each step

Coloring Pages

One table had coloring pages from their favorite folktales.

Peter Rabbit Coloring page

Retelling Stories

I use our rug and bench area to put out all the stories I read that are related throughout the unit. 

I also put all of the image cards and flip books out too, so they can look through them and retell the stories to each other. 

Loose Parts

The last area is a hands-on spot, where they can build anything from the unit. 

loose parts items to recreate scenes and characters

Some like to build the structures characters lived in, others like to use the parts to retell the stories.

loose parts items to recreate scenes and characters

I always change out the materials with the seasons - click here to read more about loose parts play.

loose parts items to recreate scenes and characters

This was my first time trying an end of the unit celebration, and there are definitely things I will be adding to it this year. I'll be sure to update this with all our new celebration ideas!

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