Keep Back to School Dismissal Simple with 1 Easy Step!

Elementary teachers know that dismissal is one of the most stressful parts of back to school! 

No matter how many forms schools send out, keeping track of who goes where the first week can be chaotic.

a free google form to help you keep track of how students are getting dismissed

To alleviate that stress, I started using a simple Google Form a few years ago, and it has been a game changer!

I share this form with my families a few days before school starts. Having all of their responses in one place has made things run more smoothly the past few years.

a free dismissal schedule poster to display in class

Once the forms are complete, I add my students to this dismissal schedule, which I keep posted by our door.

sample dismissal schedule

I included a color and a black and white version. I love the color because it is easy for the kids, and substitutes, to find.

a black and white version of dismissal poster

Click here for a free editable copy of the Google Form

Click here for a free editable copy of the Dismissal Schedule

Wishing you all a calm start to your year!

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