Easy Phonics Centers for K-1 with Print and Play Games

Games are an engaging way to help students review key skills daily. They enjoy the repetition and predictability of the game, while increasing their ability to decode new words.

As a teacher, I know that low prep are always a favorite of mine. All you need to do is print these games and then your job is done!

short vowel print and play games

Sustainable Oral Care Swaps

For the past 5 years I have been swapping out wasteful items in my life, and switching over to more sustainable items. I wanted to start sharing some of my favorites with you!

Sustainable Swaps Oral Care Edition

Valentine's Day ELA Games for K-1

Valentine's Day short vowel games

Are you looking for activities for your Valentine ELA centers next week? Here are two of my favorite print and play phonics games!

Valentine's Day Short Vowel Games

  • short a words (ex: pal, tap, jazz)

  • short e words (ex: neck, fell, hem)

  • short i words (ex: lick, fib, miss)

  • short o words (ex: pop, loss, box)

  • short u words (ex: jug, fuss, sum)

  • mixed short vowels (ex: fizz, max, loss, vet, yum)

Check out this video for a closer look!

Valentine's Day Short Vowel Bingo

Valentine's Short Vowel Bingo

• 24 Bingo Boards

• 6 - 3 x 3 boards with Short Vowel Sounds (letters only.)

• 6 – 5 x 5 boards with Short Vowel Sounds (letters only.)

Valentine's Short Vowel Bingo

• Word Cards for Short Vowel Sound Bingo.

• 6 – 3 x 3 boards with Short Vowel Words (cvc and some short vowel ending blends; wish, rest, past..)

• 6 – 5 x 5 boards with Short Vowel Words (cvc and some short vowel ending blends; wish, rest, past..)

Valentine's Short Vowel Bingo

• Letter Cards for Short Vowel Word Bingo.

• Heart game pieces, 2 sets, one for 3 x3 boards and one for 5 x5 boards.

A fun activity for reinforcing medial sounds!

Valentine's Short Vowel Bingo

Both of these sets are on available in my TPT shop

TPT Seller Spotlight for K-1 Resources


Teachers Pay Teachers Spotlight Seller

My shop is featured this week in TPT's newsletter in the Seller Spotlight, it was a lovely way to start of 2022!

One of the resources featured is my Kindergarten Bingo set.


This set includes 7 math and literacy skills: Uppercase and lowercase letters, number words, numbers 0-10, numbers 0-20, color words and shapes. Each skill has 6 bingo boards for a total of 42 boards!

I use this in centers and as an alternative to worksheets for homework. 

The other resource is my Short Vowel Games Bundle.

This set features 6 different games all with short vowels. Some sets are decodable cvc words, while others contain blends and digraphs. 

This allows you to easily differentiate activities for ELA centers and homework.

Thanks to TPT for this feature and a Happy 2022 to all my readers!