Sneakers Inspiration: Number Games for K-1

First and foremost I want to thank my amazingly talented sister Kristen, at Ladybug's Teacher Files for being the best sister ever and making me the cutest blog ever!! Thanks sissy!

number games

The time had come where I needed to purchase some new sneakers, my old ones were hideous, both in color and in style. I found a pair of Asics I adored, so I googled high and googled low until I found the best price (Amazon Marketplace, free shipping--does it get better than that?!)  

Five days later and there they were...
Along with some fabulous kicks, I got the inspiration for my newest game set! 

number words games for k-1

This set comes with 3 different gameboards:
The first board has numbers 0 - 10

number words

The second board has numbers 0 - 20

math games for k-1

The third board has number words Zero - Twenty

number words

This game is great for Kindergarten and 1st Grade students who are still working on recognizing numbers and number words. I included the 3 different score sheet to give a variety of choices for differentiating.

When I use this game with my Kindergartners, I have them just read the numbers to me the first couple of times. When they become more familiar with their numbers I like to have them draw it out as well
(ex: if you land on 8, draw 8 smiley faces on the score sheet & write the number 8.)

I find this to be great practice for them and an easy way for me to look back later to assess how they are doing with these skills.

Looking for more math games? Check out this blog post!


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    1. Thanks Lindsay! I'm glad it will work for your students too!

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