Reinforcing Phonics Skills with Learning Games

I have always used games to reinforce the concepts my students learn it class. I started creating them over 17 years ago when I worked in a Title 1 school. 

R controlled vowel games for K-2. An engaging way to reinforce those tricky bossy r sounds!

They are a wonderful way to review skills in a way that is not stressful or overwhelming to students of any age.

                                       cvc games to reinforce short vowels in an engaging way!

Addition and subtraction board games for K-2. Games to help reinforce math facts up to 10!

When I became a classroom teacher 10 years ago, I started using games as an alternative to homework. They are an engaging way for students to show their families what they are working on in class, that is not as frustrating as a packet of work.

Digraph game boards with short, long, and r controlled vowels. A fun way to practice phonics skills in class and at home!

For the phonics games, I like to add challenges when my students are ready. In the beginning they simply read the word they land on. 

Later, when they are more comfortable, they also use the word in a sentence. Whoever they are playing  with has to agree with their sentence before they continue the game.

Long vowel team games with beginning blends and digraphs. Game boards to help reinforce phonics skills in an engaging, hands-on way!

I share these adapted rules with my families each year with a quick note home! When my students are tired of the game, they trade it in for a new one. I also use them during arrival time and our centers. 

Storing game boards in a classroom

To keep it organized, I put them in a Sterilite clip box with a container for dice and game pieces.

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Coin game boards, bingo and puzzles to help K-1 students learn the values and how the coins look

I recently updated all the resources in my shop with a new, clean look for 2022. The game boards now all have a white background and black font to make them easier for your students to read.

Long vowel team game boards for K-2, an engaging way to review phonics skills in class or at home!

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Phonics and math games for Kindergarten, first, second and third grade

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