Smitten with Nail Art

This summer has been full of fun with nails for me! I spent about a year using nail stickers (the ones that last two weeks) and it was fabulous at first - but then I started to miss my manicures. I adored the fact that they truly did not chip, but instead of being excited about how long they lasted, I grew sick of looking at the same design for two weeks!! What can I say? I am a fickle person I guess!  So, I am back to painting and very fond of nail art! (As you may have noticed in previous posts!) This leads me too.... my top 5 Summer Nails!
#5 - Leopard print, I used dotting tools (purchased with my Amazon cards, I love free nail accessories!)  These tools rock! I used gold polish with black and silver sparkles to make the spots.

#4 - The dotting tools came in handy again! Black with multicolored dots - I love how the dots pop off the black! I highly recommend watching tv or listening to music when attempting this one, it takes awhile!
#3 - Mixed stripes and dots - same tool as before and these brushes. I am not a huge fan of how the stripes came out. I am in awe of the ladies who get pin straight stripes on their nails!! Mine are more of a wavy line, but eh, I will take it!
#2 - Ahhh crackle, how I love thee! This was Sally Hansen's black crackle - I went with gold, China Glaze Champagne BubblesThis was definitely one of my favorites and it is so easy to do!!

#1 - My ultimate favorite manicure. I have been obsessed with the water marbling nail look, but alas, I am too messy and spazzish to achieve it....or so I thought! I found this blog and it truly works! I went with white polish underneath and pink, purples and whites for the swirls. I found it was best to dampen my nails with rubbing alcohol when they were mostly dry. I tried applying when they were still tacky but that was quite disastrous!

So those are my summer nail art triumphs. Trust that there were many more disasters, like the time I tried water marbling without properly taping my finger beforehand....but that is a mess I shall forget - or at least try to forget!

Happy weekend (and manicures) everyone!


  1. Cute nails!!! I love them! You are so talented! I bet your students like seeing them too! :-) I used to have a little girl who sat in the front row on the carpet, and she would notice every single time I painted my toe nails a new color or got a new pair of shoes. :) Have a great weekend!!!!

    1. Thanks Sandy! :) My students do like to see the new ones - my 5th grade girls were the most interested last year!

  2. I love that Leopard print and the #1 is just divine.


    1. Thanks! I cannot wait to try more water marbling, I love how easy it was!