Long Vowel Team Games

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These games are two of my favorites! I adore the colors and patterns in the first one (the digital papers are from Beartless!) The second one is my own crackle pattern.

They both feature long vowel teams. Each game contains 10 boards - 5 colored and 5 grayscale. Every board has different colors, textures and patterns.  There is one board for ai, ea, ee, oa, and the fifth board is a mixed long vowel game for review.

The Candy-Colored boards have simple beginning sounds with the long vowel teams (ex: pail, read, week and soak.)

The Neon Crackled Games have beginning blends and digraphs as well as long vowel teams (ex: drain, cheat, flee and cloak.)

I like separating the vowel team concept into two different games. I prefer to start with the simpler word version. When they need to practice the concept at a later time I can break out the other set. This allows us to review the long vowels (with new words) and it helps students with decoding beginning blends and digraphs.  

Both the Candy-Colored and Crackled Patterns are available in my TpT shop!
Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

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