Revitalizing Classroom Areas

This was my sentence starters bulletin board last year. Rather uninspiring, but we all know how it is to work with the supplies that are on hand. I had a giant pack of sentence strips - rather pastel-y colored---not my taste at all. I chose the blue hoping it would work with my colors. However I was wrong. Very wrong. Everyday my eyes went straight to the board as I pondered how I could fix it. (I made sure they could not be reused as they were torn down and crushed into oblivion at the end of last school year!) 
I could not get rid of the board as my 1st and 2nd graders used it frequently when they are responding to one of the stories they have heard in computer lab.  

Once again returning to my love of neon, I used the digital papers that I created this summer and made some smaller versions of the old blue strips. (I am thankful I took that photo, as I may have been a bit hasty in destroying the old strips before I wrote them down!!)

These strips are 3 1/2 by 10 inches long, definitely better sized than the old sentence strips. I am not sure if they will hang on the board - or on the wall to liven it up a bit. I will be sure to take pictures when I display them later this year. I am pretty sure that my students will enjoy the brighter colors!!

If you are interested these sentence strips (2 sets each with a total of 24 different sentence starters in six neon patterns) Reader's Response Sentence Starters Set #1 and Reader's Response Sentence Starters Set #2 are available in my Tpt shop!

Enjoy your week!


  1. What a smart idea. I like it very much. BTW, I agree, sentence strips are SOOO boring. However I thought of the neon ones. I like your idea much better but there is always the option of neon strips or note cards.


  2. Thanks, I thought about the neon strips but they never get all the colors bright enough!

  3. I love the title of your blog...too cute. I am your newest follower.
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  4. Thanks Vicky! I followed you back!