Things I Love August Edition

My black and white dresses! I adore both of these - the one on the left is Modcloth (I added the belt myself with some ribbon from Michaels) and the one on the right is from Macy's.

Sticking with the black and white trend is my favorite necklace. I made this one a few years back, it was my first attempt at a chunkier style of jewelry. I love how it works with so many outfits - it is definitely one of my most beloved pieces!
Shoes!! These are some of my newest favorites. The first two are from DSW (I love their rewards program!) The last one is from Macy's. Wedge sandals are my shoe obsession of the moment!

This is the last black and white item, I promise! Both Kristen and I could not resist grabbing these on a recent trip to Walmart!

My newest Talbots skirt - I have wanted this skirt for months and managed to wait until it dropped in price! This is the third Talbots skirt that I have succeeded in getting for under $22.00, the cheapest was 19.29!!
Lastly we have my piles of foam!  I adore using these foam sheets with my students in place of game pieces. Originally I used strips of patterned scrapbook paper or cardstock - however the minute the table was bumped, or the board was moved too quickly, everything would fall off. These pieces are just heavy enough to stay in place. They work great for all ages, even my Kindergartners can pick these up easily, and all the kids really like the bright colors. I got mine at Michaels - I like how you can buy the individual color sheets, rather than a whole pack.

What do you all find works best for game pieces in your classrooms? Now, if only I could find some quieter dice!


  1. My math set came with foam dice, which are awesome! I also found some great alternatives on Pinterest, you should look there!

    1. I have some of the giant ones from the Dollar Store, but those tend to be a bit distracting! I need to find a mini version!

  2. I was just about to suggest some foam dice too. :)

    Those zebra scissors are fab and that polka-dot dress is precious!

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    1. I'm going to be on a quest for mini ones now! Thanks Melissa!