120 Chart Puzzles

 Do your students struggle with portions of the hundreds chart?

120s chart puzzles

Last year I noticed that my math Intervention students were struggling with the middle sequence of the 100's chart. Usually, they would lose the pattern somewhere after the 60's. 

It was usually due to skipping around by tens. However, some students would get tripped up in the sequence by ones as well.

I wanted to find a way to get more practice with smaller portions of the 100's grid in a fun way, so I created these puzzles.

100's chart puzzles for K-1, to help with ten more and ten less

At first, they thought the puzzles were easy. Then we corrected them together, and they realized they need to be able to go up and down by 10's as well! 

We spent several days practicing these puzzles. I projected them onto our panel first, and we did them as a team. Then when they were ready, they tried them on their own again. 

These puzzles strengthened their ability to follow the pattern and complete a 100's chart with a lot more success.

120's Chart Puzzles for K-1120's Chart Puzzles for K-1

I also included 100's chart templates with some numbers filled in. These puzzles go up to 120 to ensure students can continue the pattern past 100.

We use these puzzles during arrival time. Some of my students even like to grab a sand timer and turn it into a challenge during arrival time. 

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What's your favorite hundreds chart activity? 

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