Number Bond Google Quizzes for K-1

7/15/2020 / Leave a Comment
When we switched to distance learning in March I was glad my class had already started working on addition and subtraction. What we hadn't focused on yet was number bonds, and the idea of parts and wholes. 
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Would You Rather Google Quizzes for Opinion Writing

5/06/2020 / Leave a Comment

When our school went into distance learning, we were just beginning our third trimester. Unfortunately that is my (and my students) favorite ELA unit - opinion writing!

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Distance Learning in Kindergarten

4/15/2020 / Leave a Comment

I'll be honest, distance learning in Kindergarten can be overwhelming when you first start to think about it!

Of course, that is true for most grades. However, in Kindergarten there  are many things that need to be seen in person, for both you and your student!

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Teaching Writing in Kindergarten

2/24/2020 / Leave a Comment
Over the past 6 years, I have noticed that a lot of my Kindergarten students struggle with free write time. It is too open ended for many of them and they find it overwhelming. Or, they end up drawing the same things every time, which eventually leads to frustration.
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The Many Uses of Target Trays in K!

8/08/2019 / Leave a Comment
Last summer, I dragged my sister on quests to all the Targets in NH (and some in Maine) in order to find a class set of these trays:
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Skill Games for Homework

8/05/2019 / Leave a Comment
Homework is such a hot topic these days - I know I have never been a fan of it for Kindergarten. 

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Better Late Than Never? 18-19 Classroom Reveal!

8/03/2019 / 1 comment
We don’t go back to school until after Labor Day. This is awesome, except when it comes to classroom reveals since everyone else is already settled in. Instead, here is a peek at my classroom from last year!

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Digital Birthday Chart

2/25/2019 / Leave a Comment
We all know that birthdays are a big deal, maybe not for us, but definitely for our students! In past years I would have a Google word doc I would check each month so I could see who had a birthday coming up. Of course, in the busier months I would have a hard time remembering to check!

I created a digital file that has all the birthdays happening in each month and it has worked out great this year! 

I display it on the TV on the first of the month. We read through to see who has a birthday coming up and what day of the week it will fall on. 

This helps us to incorporate the calendar and days of the week as well. Next, we talk about how old they will be turning. 
Then when one of their birthdays arrives, we check in on the display again and make a quick graph showing the new ages of the students in our class. It's always an exciting moment when you join the 6 year old club!

It has been wonderful to watch and see how they remember whose birthday is coming up each month.  

Click here to learn more about this resource.
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New Year's Resolution Activity for 2019

12/09/2018 / Leave a Comment
When I taught 5th grade, my class and I had a lot of discussions about resolutions and goals for the new year. The biggest areas they needed to focus on was being responsible for their work and cleanliness.

I had a few students who always went above and beyond when it came to cleaning our room each day, and most times it wasn't even their mess they were cleaning! Of course, like all teachers, I had several students who misplaced work or frequently forgot to pass in assignments.

Rather than just having my students brainstorm a goal, I decided to make an organizer that would help them to gather their thoughts and self-assess to see what areas they need improvement in.

There are two checklists in this set - one for school goals and one for home goals. First they read through and check off any goals they have already met.

Next, they choose 1 goal that they did not check off. If they have more than one, they will look closely to see which is the most important to them at this time.

Included are 2 graphic organizers, one with a sentence starter and one without.
Lastly there are 2 writing templates; a template for 1 goal and a template for 2 goals. I always liked to differentiate writing assignments by giving my class the option of completing a graphic organizer, or a writing paper for their final copy.

My class really enjoyed this activity. It was a great way to help them to narrow down the areas of school and home that they needed to improve on. 

If you are interested in purchasing this item you can find it in my shop here, or just click on the pictures above!

Happy 2019!
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Kindergarten Classroom Decor

8/19/2018 / 1 comment
Kindergarten students need to have access to a wide variety of words in their first year. It can be overwhelming, having all those posters displayed in one classroom.
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Character Education - Social and Academic Skills in the Classroom

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In my first year of teaching I taught a 5th grade class that benefited greatly from social and academic support.
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Word of the Day - Adding Vocabulary into Your Daily Routine

8/02/2018 / Leave a Comment
I started using a daily vocabulary word when I worked in pull-out in grades 2-5. I worked with accelerated readers in the computer lab and they struggled when presented with new words in their reading passages.
I wanted to find an easy way to provide them with a new word and definition each day, while also reinforcing the concept of using context clues to solve words independently.
In the beginning, I displayed the word on our reading strategies bulletin board and we would talk about it before they began our workshop.
After awhile, I wanted to make it more impactful, so I added in a notebooking component. I would have only the word written on the board, and during the transition between Writers and Readers Workshop,  they would record it in their notebook and discuss what it meant with their peers.
After that, I would uncover the poster and we would discuss it as a class. They would share out their predictions and then record the definition in their notebook. Some students would copy the context sentence I used, and others would challenge themselves to use it in a new sentence.
The year I taught 5th grade, I decided to go digital with the word of the day. We recently had projectors and Apple TV's donated to us, and I wanted to utilize them to save time - plus it saved me having to print and display the word each day!

When it appears on the screen, the word is covered in the context sentence and the definition is covered as well.
I would give them several minutes to read the context sentence and predict what the word might be. At first I had a lot of random guesses, but with time, they began to predict more accurately. 
Once they were ready to move on, the animation takes away the the word on the center of the slide and from the context sentence. 

It does not fade away until you click, allowing your class to discuss the sentence as long as attention holds.

After they have reread the context sentence, they would then predict what the definition might be. I found they were much more successful at solving the definition when they were only presented with an image and a context sentence.
The last click reveals the entire slide, allowing them with an opportunity to record the word and definition in their notebooks.
If you are interested in seeing more about these resources, please click the pictures below!

Do you incorporate vocabulary into your daily routine? Let me know how below!
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