K-1 How To Writing : Launching Activity for Your How To Unit

student slicing a banana

Launching a new writing unit always requires a fun and hands-on lesson, so I always start with how to make fruit salad!

To keep it simple we use just 3 ingredients: bananas, oranges and grapes. 

fruit salad how to

First we brainstorm how we will get to the fruit inside.

fruit and the words we use to open them

Then they each choose a job: peeling, cutting, separating as well as passing out bowls, forks and serving.

serving fruit salad

After everyone has eaten, we make a class chart for each step.

How to Make Fruit Salad chart

I have used this activity to launch our how to unit for several years now and it really helps my students get into the mode of writing using steps. 

We usually follow up the next day by writing a How to Chart together.

how to for K-1

We spend a few days charting school procedures together and then they begin to transition into writing their own three step how to's!

How to writing

Looking for books to support your How To unit? Check out my blog post!

What activities do you use to support how to writing in your class?

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