Brain Breaks in the Classroom: Puzzle Table

Jigsaw puzzles in K-2

I have always loved doing jigsaw puzzles and I have found over the past 15 years of teaching that my students always do too.

Last year I purchased an IKEA Lack Table so my class could do jigsaw puzzles each week. I also found these 10 inch chairs that fit it just right!

classroom puzzle table for K-1

This table is the perfect size for 4 students and we use it during arrival time and indoor recess. 

It is also a great spot when a student needs a break. They grab a 3 minute sand timer and head over to the puzzle table for a brain break. 

I have purchased tons of Dollar Tree's tower puzzles to use at this table and in our trays.

I usually only keep two or three chairs at the puzzle table, otherwise it gets crowded. However, I still have options for anyone else who wants to do a puzzle!

use trays for classroom puzzles

The trays are excellent when my students are doing puzzles during arrival time. They keep all the pieces in there and when the bell rings they just stack them up for later. 

No pieces get lost and they can grab the tray after when they are done their work!

trays for puzzles

We also have a lot of floor puzzles, which we do at the tables in the morning during arrival time or during indoor recess. My students love this solar system puzzle - I think they do it at least once a week! 

The dinosaur one is another popular puzzle. That one has to be done on the floor since it is so long and I always miss getting a picture before they clean it up!

Melissa and Doug's puzzles are worth the purchase because the box is very sturdy and has lasted for years now. I always end up transferring the Dollar Tree puzzles to ziploc bags when they fall apart.

classroom floor puzzles

Do you have a spot for puzzles or games in your classroom?

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