Adding Within 10: Addition Anchor Chart for K-1

commutative property of addition in K-1

Getting K-1 students to understand the commutative property of addition can be tricky.

I have been used these charts for the past few years and they really help!

                                    commutative property of addition in K-1

We chart two numbers each day, starting with 0 and 1. O of course is the easiest for everyone to grasp. I use a magnetic number bond (affiliate link) for visual support.

magnetic math tools for K-1

The next day we do numbers two and three. This is where they start to notice the patterns a bit more!

commutative property of addition in K-1

Then it is on to four and five and most of the class is very excited at this point. They are ready to give the commutative property even before I ask it. They always remind each other to "flip that equation!"

addition math facts]

By the time they have finished number 6-10 the majority of the class is much more comfortable with this concept. They are able to apply it when we work with number bonds and even practice with each other during exploration time. 

adding within 10

I have always love when they notice that the entire chart looks like a staircase in the end. They are able to verbalize that as the numbers increase by one, there is one more way to show that number. 

K-1 math facts

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