K-1 How To Writing: 14 Books to Inspire Early Writers

Over the past few years I have ended up with a lot of how to books and what I like is that they are not all nonfiction. 

I have found that the fiction stories actually help some of my students to grasp the concept of procedural writing even more!

Here is a list of 14 How To books to help support your students during procedural writing. 


I love this first series because these are experiments that are easy to do in class after you have read the book. 

We have tried all of them over the years, the steps are kid friendly and really help them to understand how to write clear directions for a How To.


While all of these books are fiction, they all incorporate lists, transitional words, ordinal numbers and other procedural writing features!


Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle fiction how to books for K-1                                                         

Looking for a way to launch a  How to Unit? Check out my blog post!

What are some of your favorite How To books?

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