Keep Track of Supplies in the Classroom

One thing that I dread is when I go to write on the board and my marker has been squished! 
marking teacher supplies

To avoid this, I wrap a piece of duck tape on all of my dry erase markers. My students quickly learn that those are mine only!

I have also found that the bullet tip markers last the longest in Kindergarten and first grade. Chisel tips always end up popped in. 

This is a strategy I started using way before everyone needed to have their own supplies - but it definitely came in handy this year!

Another way I like to mark supplies is even more simple, you only need a sharpie and a piece of tape.

marking student supplies

I write my students names on their brand new dry erase marker (or any supply) and then wrap a piece of clear tape over it. 

That way if it falls on the floor (as things often do in 1st grade) it ends up back with its owner. The tape prevents the marker from rubbing off. It becomes a bit of a contest in class to see who can keep their marker the longest!

I have noticed that there is another perk too. My students are more responsible with their markers and less likely to destroy them once it has their name on it!

Do you have any special ways you mark supplies in your classroom?

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