Things I Love...December Edition

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My December favorites...some already purchased, some just coveted!

London Times has become my latest obsession for dresses. They are so comfortable, machine washable and gorgeous! It is a bit early to be thinking of sleeveless dresses in NH, but I am loving the navy/gold combo!

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Would You Rather - Opinion Writing in K-1

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We always start our day the same way in Kindergarten. My students come in and unpack their binders, then they grab their name tag and they are off to the Would You Rather display. They love seeing what the topic is for the day.
It is displayed in a pocket chart, and each day I tape the two voting cards to the top. My class uses the pictures as clues for what each topic is - it is a nice way to encourage them to use a combination of beginning sounds and pictures to solve new words.

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Visual Hundreds Chart

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Before I became a Kindergarten teacher, I spent 7 years working as a Certified Instructor in grades K-5. Over those years, one thing really stood out to me - how little understanding many students had of the hundreds chart. 
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Editable Calendars

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Finding the right behavior plan for a class can be tricky. I tend to change mine with each new school year. When I taught 5th grade I used ClassDojo. Then when I moved back to Kindergarten, I used a card system: green for good, yellow for warning, pink for note home and blue for a role model.

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All About Me Book for K-1

7/14/2015 / 1 comment
I must confess, the beginning of last school year is a blur. I found out in July that I was switching schools, and moving from 5th to Kindergarten.

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Things I Love...July Edition

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I had a crazy busy year switching from 5th grade to Kindergarten. My poor blog has been quite neglected because of this! Of course, this has not stopped me from shopping -- I mean really, can anything stop that? ;)

Here are the things I love for this month - coveted of course, not actually purchased, but hey, a girl can dream!

Click the pictures for links!


I love ideel - I mean I am seriously addicted to that site. They have gorgeous clothes and amazing prices. I am obsessed with how you can shop by designer too now! I love that zebra dress more than words can express.

White House Black Market 

My sister and I visited this store recently for the first time. I have to say it was more than I ever expected! I had been eyeing their clothes online for awhile, but I wanted to wait to see them in person. I love their prints - even on the pants! And I am not usually a printed pants kind of person. ;)

DSW is always my go to for shoes, I love how many options they have. I would buy all four of these in a heartbeat...however I must stick to my no shopping promise!

I have been moving away from big purses lately...I just feel like I don't need to carry that much stuff and it is so much easier to change over little ones more often! I LOVE this glitter clutch - I may end up breaking my vow for this one!

As I was cleaning my nail polishes out the other day, I noticed that the majority of my polishes come from Zoya. I adore their color selection and I really feel they last longer on my nails then any other polish. My favorite thing is how easy they are to remove! These are the two colors I am currently coveting!

What is on your (dream?) shopping list for this month?
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Kindergarten Word Wall

6/27/2015 / 2 comments
For a more updated post about my word wall, please click here!

When I found out I was headed back to Kindergarten last year I was so excited! I loved teaching 5th grade, but Kindergarten is definitely where my heart is.

As soon as I saw my new room (at my new school) I could not take my eyes off this bulletin board.

It was the length of the entire room and I knew just what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to create a word wall that was clean and easy to read, that would become the focal point of our classroom.

The picture above actually only shows you two-thirds of the board. The shadow on the far right is my TV, then the alphabet, calendar, morning meeting center, mini whiteboard and our rug is right in front of it. It is impossible to get a photo of the whole board, it is seriously that big!

I knew that I wanted this to be the area that my students could go to for any information they needed throughout the day. What I did not expect was how much they (and I) would love it!

Any time they needed to write numbers, shapes, days, colors...they new just where to go. I kept our clipboard bin directly below it so they could work independently whenever they needed too.

As the year went on, I did realize that I needed to modify a few things. I did not include the 3D shapes and numbers through 20. I revised both sets this year to include those.

What amazed me was how often they would sit at the rug, just reading and talking to each other about all the things they noticed on the wall. It made my teacher heart so happy!

If you are interested in any of these sets, just click on the pictures below for more information!

Weather station -
Calendar -
Numbers -
Shapes -
Colors -
Seasons -
Days -
Months -
Alphabet -
Word Wall Letters -
Bundled set -
I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your summer!
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End of the Year Memory Books for K-1

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As every teacher knows, the last few weeks of school are a hectic time. They are packed with field trips, field day, assemblies, graduation activities and a whole lot of active children!

Being back in Kindergarten for the first time in ten years, I was a bit unsure of how I could go about keeping them occupied; while still writing, reading and of course, having fun!

I thought that a memory book would be our best bet. I wanted it to be a writing activity we could all do together - but I didn't want anyone to feel stressed or overwhelmed at the thought of making a book.

I decided to use a combination of graphic organizers and open responses. This would allow my students who loved to write the option of expressing themselves freely. The graphic organizer would give enough structure and motivation to even my most reluctant writer! (Or anyone who had a severe case of "summer brain" those days!)

I let my students choose which version they preferred:

They really enjoyed being able to choose the pages they wanted to complete and the style in which they could do it.

We did the graphs together and the class names made a wonderful morning work activity those last few mornings!
One of the parts that my class loved the most was the borders and black and white clipart. They liked coloring it in and I loved how uniquely different each book turned out.

This activity definitely made the last few days a lot more fun for everyone!

If you would like to see more, click here or on any of the pictures above!

I hope you have a wonderful last few weeks of school!
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TpT's Teacher Appreciation Sale!

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One of the things I love most about my room this year is my word walls. I wanted to create signs that were easy to read and would actually be useful to my class.
I have one long bulletin board in our morning meeting area that has the majority of our signs.

It features shapes, numbers, color words, months, days, seasons, our calendar, weather station and sight word of the day.
Running above our windows, I have all the past sight word posters we have learned this year.
My students utilize all of these posters more than I could have imagined! It has made a positive impact on their writing and really helped them to be more independent. During writers workshop many students will move to the rug with a clipboard so they can be near the words they need.

If you are interested in any of these items, they are on sale May 5th and 6th in my TpT shop. You can save 28% if you use the promo code: ThankYou

Just click the pictures for more information!

Looking to save some money? You can get all of these sets in one money saving bundle! Just click the picture below!

Now I'm off to do some shopping! :) Have a wonderful week!

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