100th Day of School

100th Day Activity Set for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Updated for 2022 with a new, clean look!

K-1 100th Day activities

We are rapidly approaching the 100th day in our class, well we were until we were stalled by two snow days. Nonetheless it is lurking around the corner!

I decided to spend my snow days (the first of the season!) creating activities that would be fun, yet still stick with the objectives we are focusing on in Kindergarten.

For Math, I wanted to focus on counting, graphing and patterns. There are 3 games:

Roll to 100, with one dice and two dice options. The two dice version allows students to add for an extra challenge. They also get to predict how many rolls it will take to reach complete a hundreds chart!

Graph It, where they will graph the number of times that they rolled each number on. This includes a one dice and two dice graph template.

Daub a Pattern to 100 - this has 3 options, AB, ABC, or ABCD. This allows your students to self differentiate based on ability and the challenge they seek.

Daub a pattern has the students explain the pattern they created, as well as write a number sentence to go with their pattern.

Each activity comes with samples!

For ELA, there are 3 writing topics: If I had $100, I would buy..., 100 Things I would like to do this summer and 100 School Moments.

Each writing activity comes with graphic organizers to help beginning writers gather their thoughts and generate ideas.

These graphic organizers can be used as a final piece. Students can also choose to write a few sentences about their favorite school moments, or what they hope to do the most this summer, on the writing template paper.

Now I just need 100th day to arrive so we can celebrate!

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How will you be celebrating 100th day? Let me know in the comments below!

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