Editable Calendars

Finding the right behavior plan for a class can be tricky. I tend to change mine with each new school year. When I taught 5th grade I used ClassDojo. Then when I moved back to Kindergarten, I used a card system: green for good, yellow for warning, pink for note home and blue for a role model.

This year we decided to make our colors consistent across the school. It is a lot easier for parents to keep track that way! We still have 4 colors: green for good, yellow for warning, red for parent note and blue for role models.

In order to keep parents informed we are using behavior calendars. This was something I was a bit apprehensive about. Managing 22 calendars in a K classroom can be a lot of work! I decided not to implement my calendars until October. Instead, we spent the first month of school talking about owning our behavior. I explained how even adults make mistakes, and would end up on yellow and red too!
I talked a lot about why it was important to tell their families about their day and the choices they made. Overall, most of my students were very forthcoming with their parents about the colors they were on in the first month.
We rolled the calendars out a few weeks ago. As expected, it made our end of the day routine a bit more hectic! However, it is nice to see who is really taking ownership over their behaviors and the decisions they make.

As the month has continued on, I have noticed they are looking more closely at the overall colors they have each week.

I created an editable calendar, so I can add in any important information my families need to know about each month.  This also allows you to customize it for your schools behavior plans. Click on the pictures for more a closer look!

These calendars are also a great way to track homework or even for team planning!
What kind of behavior management do you use in your school?

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