Pre-Primer and Primer Sight Word Slide Shows

Pre-Primer sight word slideshow, just click play and your students have 2 seconds to say each word!

We have been working feverishly on our sight words in every way possible in Kindergarten! We have been writing them, coloring them, spelling them, searching for them in books and poems and building them in sand, with clay, magnets and so much more.

At this point in the year, it is time to get serious. I want to really stress the importance of recognizing sight words instantly. Research shows that sight words should be recognized within 2 seconds. To support this theory, I created a slide show of the Pre-Primer words that I am using throughout the day.

Each word appears on the screen for 2 seconds before it slides to the next word. All 40 Pre-Primer words are included. The slides move from left to right helping to reinforce concepts of print.

All you have to do is press play. It plays automatically and loops back through the list continuously, until you choose to end the slide show.

The file editable, in case you need to add in any extra words. 

I show this every morning as my students come in to unpack, check in and begin their morning work. It is a great way to keep those early birds and fast finishers occupied until morning meeting.

It is also a great activity for snack time, transitions and dismissal time. My class, like many, is very competitive and they love the challenge of saying the words as quickly as they can!

If you would like to check this set out, click here or on the pictures above.

Has your class already mastered the Pre-Primer words? I created a Primer set as well!

These words also appear on the screen for 2 seconds before sliding to the next word. All 52 Primer words are included.

If you would like to check this set out, click here or on the picture of above!

Looking for a more permanent way to display sight words


  1. I bought Heidi Songs DVDs and my kids love learning the songs and dances for each sight word!

  2. I have used Maria Manore's sight word

  3. We teach the sight words through our reading series, word rings, and rotten apple type games. We also do a lot with Dolch words. I really like your slide show for sight words!

  4. I use a lot of partner-pairs working together with card rings and dry erase activities. I also use Snap Words for the especially tricky ones! Thanks for the giveaway!! Jen