Daily Weather Station

One (of the many) parts of our Kindergarten morning meeting routine involves the discussing weather and the temperature. To simplify this process I created a weather station:

One helper comes up and chooses the weather card for the day. I laminated each card and added a Velcro dot to the back of the cards and to the front of the poster it attaches too.
Once they have displayed the correct weather card, they write the weather word on the line below.

After we return from February break, we are going to begin using the wordless weather cards. This will allow my students to challenge themselves to sound out, and spell, each weather word correctly using the strategies they have been learning this year.
Since we like to graph whenever we can in Kindergarten, I included weekly and monthly graphs for tracking the weather. We have been using the whole group larger graphs throughout the year.

However, I think they are ready for the challenge of their own weekly graph now!

Including the temperature has been the most interesting component of all. We use the internet to get the most up-to-date temperature. I have noticed that it has made them more congnizant of the weather and changing seasons.

Being in New England, we cannot go outside for recess if it is below 20 degrees. This activity has helped to give them a heads up as to when we will be staying in for recess - that is a lot more pleasant than me having to tell them! ;) It is definitely helping them to be aware of the world around them!

Click the pictures above for more information - or you can head over to my TpT shop to learn more!

How do you incorporate weather into your classroom? Let me know in the comments below!

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