All About Me Book for K-1

I must confess, the beginning of last school year is a blur. I found out in July that I was switching schools, and moving from 5th to Kindergarten.

I had interned in Kindergarten nine years ago, and had worked with them throughout my six years as a pull out teacher. I knew I had a lot to prepare, so I worked all summer on my room, routines and lessons.
Cut to the first days, when I realized that I had not thought about a beginning of the year book!

I looked around online and found a lot of different first day activities for my class. After my kids completed the hodgepodge of papers, I stapled all of their sheets together into a "book" and filed it away for Literacy Night.

In April, I pulled them out and was disappointed in how they had turned out. I had hoped to have a great example of who they were in September.
This year I am going back ready! My class last year loved my Memory Book. It was an awesome way to finish out our year. They worked so hard and I loved how unique each book looked after they were completed and colored in.
I created an All About Me book that will be easy enough for all my students to complete, while still giving a clear idea of who they are and where they are at!
I'm already looking forward to our Literacy Night next Spring because I know I will want to display this!

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  1. I like the Back to School Book. I have never done one but it looks fantastic. It would be great to look back upon mid and end of year to see how far their skills have come.