New Year's Resolution Writing Activity

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Calendar Display - Easy to Read!

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When I was prepping my room for the changeover to Kindergarten this year, I set out on the quest for the perfect calendar. I found a background that I loved:
However I could not find any calendar date pieces and headers that I liked.

I knew I wanted a set that was easy to read, and that would incorporate patterns into our daily routine.

I decided to make my own set and it is working out perfectly this year. My students love the pictures and seeing the patterns progress in difficulty as the year moves on. They are always so excited when it is time for a new month to be displayed!
Each month features a header (10 inches by 2.5 inches) with thematic clipart for the month. The calendar pieces (2 inches by 2 inches) match the headers and they clipart coordinates with that month or season.
The patterns are simplistic in August and September, and increase in difficulty as the year continues on.
I also included Today is, Yesterday was, and Tomorrow will be signs (20 inches by 3.7 inches). This is a fast way to review the days of the week each morning. You can laminate and write directly on the signs, or use the typed words and attach them with velcro.
My class has a lot of fun with the patterns. In September and October we would read the patterns as a whole class and discuss what the letters would be for the pattern. 

Then we began writing the letters out on the board, so they could see the repetition of letters over the course of the month.  

Now everyone is comfortable with patterns, so they like to read it on their own when they come up. 

We make it extra challenging by predicting things too, like: what will be the last picture for the month? Or, what will next Thursday's picture be? 

Sometimes they will predict how the pattern will end (letter and picture) before the month is even half over! It is easy to differentiate this part of the routine to each students skill level.

I really love how this fast part of our morning routine has familiarized all of my students with what patterns are and how they can be interpreted. 

This set can be used with a pocket chart, or any standard calendar chart. I just laminate the pieces and add velcro to the backs!

If you would like to see more, you can check this out in my TPT shop! Just click here, or the pictures above!

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Christmas Tree Craftivity - A Number Bond Math Activity

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Click the pictures for more information!

My class and I began exploring number bonds last week. They have been having a lot of fun building them with counters and unfix cubes.

I wanted to try something festive and fun last Friday. I always try to incorporate art into our math lessons whenever possible. You can never get enough art in Kindergarten!

We began by painting trees, I showed them the easiest three trees to draw, a giant triangle, three stacked triangles and a tree with branches that curve inwards.

Next we filled in our trees. I passed out a bunch of different choices for coloring: crayons, colored pencils, markers and oil pastels. I like to mix up our supplies whenever possible, it makes the bulletin board look more dynamic!
Then I passed out their number bonds. They had to come up and choose two colors of finger paints to decorate their tree. The top number of the bond is one color and the bottom was another.

After that, they just had to add all the ornaments together to solve their number bond equation!

The best part was how easy it is to assess, I just had to see if they painted the correct number of ornaments!

It was a great way to reinforce this concept this holiday season!  You can find this item in my shop!

How do you incorporate art into your classroom?

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TPT Cyber Sale - Bundled Sets Discount!

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If you follow my blog, you know that I love a good bargain, so this holiday season I want to share a great deal with you!

TPT's Super Cyber Savings Sale is this Monday and Tuesday! (December 1st and 2nd!) You can save 28% off everything in my shop when you use the promo code: TPTCYBER

This sale includes all of my bundles. Each set is already reduced for savings (up to 20%) but with this additional discount you can get them for a steal when they are an additional 28% off the already reduced price!

Click the pictures below for more information!

I'm headed off to fill up my cart for tomorrow. My wish list has gotten out of control and I cannot wait to shrink it down! ;)

 Happy shopping! Don't forget to use the promo code: TPTCYBER
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Thanksgiving Reflections in Kindergarten

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Like all Kindergarten teachers, my class is on many different levels when it comes to writing.  I wanted to create a Thanksgiving writing set that would allow all my students to reflect with ease, no matter where they are in the writing process!

Click the pictures for more information!

I included checklists, with reasons why both family and friends are important, to help them gather their thoughts.

This allows them to feel more confident when it is time to write!

Next, they can choose from one of three writing templates:

  • This Thanksgiving, I am most thankful for....
  • This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family because...
  • This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my friends because....
I also included two different bulletin board display signs and black and white copies of all the pages. 
Happy writing!
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Fuzz Bugs Fever

10/26/2014 / 2 comments
Our current Kindergarten obsession (for the past month!) is Fuzz Bugs!

This game is on and it is adorable, and educational.
First you sort the bugs by color. But first you have to catch them! They are darting back and forth along the bottom of the screen.

This is REALLY hard for kids at first, but the more they play, the better they get!

Once you catch a bug, you drop it in the matching jar.

Then you count the bugs in each jar by clicking on each bug.
Then they have to click the jar with the most and the least.

Next up, drag the jar with the least, then the next smallest amount and so on...
 Now it is time to click the bug on the right and then the bug on the left.
Lastly, you click the biggest Fuzz Bug and then the smallest.

After that, the game restarts with all new colors!

I love all the skills this game focuses on: sorting by color, counting, greater than, less than, left right recognition and small versus big!

I have noticed that the kids who play this the most are having a lot easier time navigating the computer now! It is a great way to boost those fine motor skills, while having fun!

Is there an online game or app that your students are smitten with? Let me know in the comments below!
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Role Model of the Day Freebie

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We are always working on improving ourselves in Kindergarten. Here is how we are achieving this goal.

We have a behavior card system in class - everyone starts on green each day, yellow for a warning, orange for a time out (one minute at recess) and pink for a visit to the office.

In order to be the Role Model you have to keep your card on green the day before, by following our three rules:

#1 - Be Respectful           #2 - Be Kind               #3 - Be Safe

Having those 3 simple rules has really improved our classroom behavior. Anytime anyone is off task, I remind them of the rule they are breaking and they are up to switch their cards.

Card changes are never permanent either, if you completely turn your behavior around it goes right back to green!

A few weeks into the school year we started having a Role Model of the Day! I waited until we had our behavior system in check to implement this new daily routine.

This sign hangs right above the behavior card chart. Everyday during morning meeting, I write a new name up there. It is laminated to make it easy to change up each day.

I alternate by girl and boy to keep it fair. After I name the Role Model, the class raises their hands and shares out why they think that person was chosen.  And of course, we applaud our role model! 

It is wonderful to see how each student lights up, not only when they are chosen, but once they hear what their peers have to say about them! 

If you would like to use this sign in your classroom, just click here, or click the picture above for this freebie!

How do you manage behavior in your classroom? Let me know in the comments below!
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Counting Song Craze

10/12/2014 / 2 comments

We are in a counting craze in our Kindergarten class lately! Here are our top five favorite counting songs:

# 5  Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1)

# 4  Number Words Rap!

# 3  Count to 20!!!!

# 2  I Can Count to 100

# 1 Counting Super Hero

They are really helping to improve my students ability to count, and recognize numbers! The only downside is that I walk around singing them all day everyday!

The upside is that my kids walk around singing them all day too, especially #1. They are all obsessed with the counting super hero!

What songs are your students smitten with? Let me know in the comments below!
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Sight Word of the Day Winners and Dismissal Freebie

8/25/2014 / 2 comments
Since I am starting at a new school with a different format for dismissal, I wanted to be organized and ready on day one!

I made a quick checklist for names and how each student is getting home. I included clipart, since I am always rushing around! This visual will make it easier to see exactly who is going where and how!

This will keep things a lot more organized when I have substitutes as well. I uploaded this free file to my google drive.

If you would like a copy you can click the pic above or the link here:

Congratulations to Cherie, winner of the Sight Word of the Day Pre-Primer set and Doreen winner of the Sight Word of the Day Primer set! I emailed both of you ladies this morning!
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Sight Word of the Day Sets (Pre-Primer & Primer) - Daily Vocabulary Builders

8/21/2014 / 2 comments

I blame Pee Wee Herman and his Secret Word of the day, I really do!


Whatever the reason, I am addicted to vocabulary and words of the day!

Since I am headed back to Kindergarten I wanted to incorporate HFW's into my favorite (and my students favorite) daily routine - so I merged my Word of the Day concept with both the Pre-Primer and Primer sight words to create...The Sight Word of the Day!

Each set contains posters that feature a sight word, a context sentence and clipart picture cues to help your students decode the sentence.

Click the pictures for additional information!

The Pre-Primer Set features 40 Posters:
Display Signs and tally chart - this helps you to keep of how many times you and your class come across that word each day.

Sight Word Challenge Mini-book - This allows your students to keep a record of all the words they find on their own.

Check list: This will help you manage which of the words you have used throughout the year.
 Here are a few examples of the Pre-Primer posters:
 The Primer Sight Word Pack features 52 posters:
Here are a few examples of the Primer posters:

I cannot wait to start using these with my kiddos this year!

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Easy to Read Classroom Decor

8/19/2014 / 2 comments
If you would like to see an updated post about how this decor looks in my room, click here!

Since I am headed back to Kindergarten (Yay!) I have been spending my summer days prepping my classroom decor!  

I wanted to create posters with text that is clear and easy to read, with simple, colorful graphics.

All of the clipart is coordinating, the fonts and images all use jewel tone colors that are consistent across all the sets.

Here's a peek at my new collection - click the pictures for more information!

I also bundled all these sets together into one set, for a great savings of 20%!

I have had a student from another school helping me set up the other day, and she told me how much she loved them! I will take that as the ultimate compliment! ;)
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