Fuzz Bugs Fever

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Our current Kindergarten obsession (for the past month!) is Fuzz Bugs!

This game is on ABCya.com and it is adorable, and educational.

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First you sort the bugs by color. But first you have to catch them! They are darting back and forth along the bottom of the screen.

This is REALLY hard for kids at first, but the more they play, the better they get!

Once you catch a bug, you drop it in the matching jar.

Then you count the bugs in each jar by clicking on each bug.

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Then they have to click the jar with the most and the least.

Next up, drag the jar with the least, then the next smallest amount and so on...

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Now it is time to click the bug on the right and then the bug on the left.

Fuzz Bugs

Lastly, you click the biggest Fuzz Bug and then the smallest.

After that, the game restarts with all new colors!

I love all the skills this game focuses on: sorting by color, counting, greater than, less than, left right recognition and small versus big!

I have noticed that the kids who play this the most are having a lot easier time navigating the computer now! It is a great way to boost those fine motor skills, while having fun!

Update for 2021: 

Fuzz Bugs ABCya

There are now additional Fuzz Bugs games and they are all a lot of fun! Check them out here!

Looking for some printable number games? Check out this blog post!

Is there an online game or app that your students are smitten with? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This is adorable! I just played it for 10 minutes :) Can't wait to share it with some of my first graders this week!

    1. Isn't it so cute! Btw, I totally did the same thing when I first found it! :)