Social and Academic Vocabulary Posters

Updated for 2022 with new clipart and a clean new look!

social and academic vocabulary for grades 3-5

My 5th grade was working on social and academic goals and I used these posters, which they really loved!

It includes 40 vocabulary words: 20 social words and 20 academic words. 

All of these words are displayed on individual posters featuring their definitions and correlating clipart.

These words are an excellent way to boost vocabulary while giving your students the vocabulary and skills they need to become successful students and citizens.

20 Social and 20 Academic Vocabulary posters with definitions for grades 3-5

This is a fast daily activity; I simply introduced the new word on Monday morning during meeting time. I had a spot in the room where I posted the word and we would review the meaning each day. 

Then I would challenge my students to be on the lookout for students and people who are displaying these skills!

On Friday, we used the response sheet as a fast exit slip to assess how well your students understood the meaning of each word.

This set is organized to allow you to choose either a social or academic word for each week. This allows you to find words that suit your classes individual needs, at different points in the year. A checklist is included to help you keep track of all the words you have used. 


  1. We do character education each week, so this would fit in perfectly!!

  2. We use your Word of the Day set all year, so this would be a wonderful addition! In the cart as I type :) What a great idea!!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  3. I am moving from a 2nd/3rd grade split class to a 5th grade class and I would love to go in so prepared! I really love following your blog! Thanks!

  4. I would love to use these for character education and building vocabulary.


  5. This would be perfect for character education and our bucket filler program.

  6. This is an awesome idea! It would be perfect for my 5th grade homeroom class. I put it on my wish list, just in case I don't win!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple