Calendar Display - Easy to Read!

Calendar display for K-1 classrooms - each month features a new pattern

When I was prepping my room for the changeover to Kindergarten this year, I set out on the quest for the perfect calendar. I found a background that I loved!

classroom calendar display

However I could not find any calendar date pieces and headers that I liked.

I knew I wanted a set that was easy to read, and that would incorporate patterns into our daily routine - and fit in nicely with our word wall. Click here if you would like to read more about it!

I decided to make my own set and it is working out perfectly this year. My students love the pictures and seeing the patterns progress in difficulty as the year moves on. They are always so excited when it is time for a new month to be displayed.

classroom calendar display

I store the pieces for the month is these envelopes. They are very sturdy and I could easily staple them to the wall!

Each month features a header (10 inches by 2.5 inches) with thematic clipart for the month. The calendar pieces (2 inches by 2 inches) match the headers and they clipart coordinates with that month or season.

classroom calendar display

The patterns are simplistic in August and September, and increase in difficulty as the year continues on.

My class has a lot of fun with the patterns. In September and October we would read the patterns as a whole class and discuss what the letters would be for the pattern. 

Then we began writing the letters out on the board, so they could see the repetition of letters over the course of the month.  

morning meeting calendar

Now everyone is comfortable with patterns, so they like to read it on their own when they come up. 
We make it extra challenging by predicting things too, like: what will be the last picture for the month? Or, what will next Thursday's picture be? 

Sometimes they will predict how the pattern will end (letter and picture) before the month is even half over! It is easy to differentiate this part of the routine to each students skill level.

I really love how this fast part of our morning routine has familiarized all of my students with what patterns are and how they can be interpreted.  This set can be used with a pocket chart, or any standard calendar chart. I just laminate the pieces and add velcro to the backs!

If you would like to see more, you can check this out in my TPT shop!

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