Role Model of the Day Freebie

We are always working on improving ourselves in Kindergarten. Here is how we are achieving this goal.

We have a behavior card system in class - everyone starts on green each day, yellow for a warning, orange for a time out (one minute at recess) and pink for a visit to the office.

In order to be the Role Model you have to keep your card on green the day before, by following our three rules:

#1 - Be Respectful           #2 - Be Kind               #3 - Be Safe

Having those 3 simple rules has really improved our classroom behavior. Anytime anyone is off task, I remind them of the rule they are breaking and they are up to switch their cards.

Card changes are never permanent either, if you completely turn your behavior around it goes right back to green!

A few weeks into the school year we started having a Role Model of the Day! I waited until we had our behavior system in check to implement this new daily routine.

This sign hangs right above the behavior card chart. Everyday during morning meeting, I write a new name up there. It is laminated to make it easy to change up each day.

I alternate by girl and boy to keep it fair. After I name the Role Model, the class raises their hands and shares out why they think that person was chosen.  And of course, we applaud our role model! 

It is wonderful to see how each student lights up, not only when they are chosen, but once they hear what their peers have to say about them! 

If you would like to use this sign in your classroom, just click here, or click the picture above for this freebie!

How do you manage behavior in your classroom? Let me know in the comments below!

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