Easy to Read Classroom Decor

If you would like to see an updated post about how this decor looks in my room, click here!

Since I am headed back to Kindergarten (Yay!) I have been spending my summer days prepping my classroom decor!  

I wanted to create posters with text that is clear and easy to read, with simple, colorful graphics.

All of the clipart is coordinating, the fonts and images all use jewel tone colors that are consistent across all the sets.

Here's a peek at my new collection - click the pictures for more information!

alphabet headers

Alphabet Line

color words

days of the week


ten frame

shape posters

classroom decor bundle

I have had a student from another school helping me set up the other day, and she told me how much she loved them! I will take that as the ultimate compliment! 


  1. Eek! everything is so bright and adorable. Can't wait to see your Kinder class, it will be so cute!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I can't wait to set it up! :)