Revitalizing Tarnished Jewelry

I'm linking up with Tara for Monday Made It, though mine is more of a Monday Revitalized It! This is a necklace I made about five years ago with a butterfly pendant and some invisible wire. I love how simple it is, so I have worn it a lot over the years.
That has led to some icky coppery effect which I am not loving at all lately. I tried cleaning it, but since it is just a cheap metal nothing was working. I decided to use something I have ample amounts of...nail polish!
I used Essie No Place Like Chrome for all of my silver pieces. I tried a few others, but this had the best coverage and shine!
It looks as if it is brand new again!
Next up were two of my favorite pairs of earrings. The stars were a gift I received about 10 years ago and the birds were made by me.
I used Zoya Ziv on the gold part of the stars and then the No Place Like Chrome on the top layer.
I used a regular nail polish brush to paint all of these pieces. I found it was best to put on a heavy layer, then wipe the brush clean. Once it was clean I would spread the thick coat out along the piece until it was finely covered, just enough so the etchings were not filled in.

I am thrilled to have all of my favorite pieces freshened up! I must say it is nice to know that nail polish can serve extra purposes too! It actually has me wondering what else I can decorate with it...but I'll save that for another time!

Now I am off to check out Tara's blog to see what everyone else was up to this past week!
Have a great Monday!!


  1. I would have NEVER, EVER thought to use nail polish to repaint cheap jewelry. HUM...great idea!


    1. Thanks Deniece! I was a bit apprehensive but it really worked out well (thankfully, haha!)

  2. You are quite clever! I definitely think you have a knack with nail polish! ;O)

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Haha, thanks Amanda! I blame it on my attempts to stick to my budget, why buy new when you can (hopefully) fix up the old? :)