If I Wasn't On A Budget...Handbags and Shoes

I am on a budget, a strict one too - as in a no shopping budget. I thought I would cheer myself up by pretending to shop on my blog, so here are my top 3 favorite bags and shoes of the week!!

I am smitten with green and teal satchels lately. I would choose either 1 or 2. I like #2's studs but I adore the color and texture of #1!
1. Urban Expressions Le Petit Mini Satchel - Mint Green
2. Steve Madden BStud Studded Satchel - Turquoise
3. Big Buddha JSutton Satchel - Turquoise

As for the shoes, I adore NYT's wedges, they are so comfy! I already have a pair in black and one in silver. I have never tried XOXO's, but I am loving the tan flowers!!

4. XOXO Sahara Wedge Sandal - Tan
5. New York Transit Value Wedge Sandal - Taupe
6. New York Transit Must Do Wedge Sandal - Pewter/Multicolor

What shoes and bags are on your wishlist (or in my case, dreamlist) lately? Tell me all about them in the comments below!!

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  1. Oh wow! I love the satchels bags! It might have to be my "shopping" right now, too. Wish I weren't on a no shopping budget right now...so many cute things out right now :)

    Fun in Room 4B