If I Wasn't On A Budget...Watches and Rings

I love watches of course, since they fall into my jewelry obsession category! I have so many that I adore, yet I am so quick to fall in love every time I see the newest watches. These three definitely have me smitten. I am not even sure if I could pick my favorite...but I do lean towards purple, so I think I would go with the owl!
1. Sprout Diamond Owl Watch
2. Sprout Bird Dial Bracelet Watch
3. Betsey Johnson Black Strap Watch

Rings are another problem, I cannot get enough of these statement rings! I love the Betsey Ring, but I'm not sure I would want to wear a 2-finger ring that often. I really fancy the butterfly ring, especially because it is rose gold! I haven't had stacking rings since high school, but the colors of these chevron rings are awesome - they would match anything and everything. I think they are my pick!
4. Betsey Johnson Iconic Celestial Starburst 2-Finger Ring
5. Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Double Butterfly Ring
6. Chevron Ring Stack

Which watches and rings would you choose? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. 2 and 6 for sure :)


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    1. Aren't the chevron rings awesome? Budgets are the worst, I swear! Thanks for stopping by Lauren, I followed you back!

  2. Oh I have a serious watch addiction. I get most of mine from Trendy Boutique. I have... 9 watches. :) Only two rings though. I guess I have to work on getting some more rings. LOL I'll leave the watch link below.



    1. Nice, I will have to check them out! Thanks! :)