Long Vowel Team Games: Including Blends and Digraphs

long vowel team games - this board features /ai/ words

When I worked in pullout for eight years, I found games to be the most effective way to help students master tricky concepts.  

Phonics games were a big part of our daily routine and my students loved them. We would play at least 2 times.

The first time they would just read the words as they landed on them. Then, the second time, we made it more about the vocabulary as well. They would need to read the word and use it in a sentence. 

I have updated two of my Long Vowel Team Games. Both sets backgrounds that made it a bit too hard to read. I wanted to clean them up a little so they would be more eye-catching and easier to read!

First up is the Long Vowel Team Games
Long Vowel Games Cover

This set has 5 boards: ai, ea, ee, oa and a mixed vowel board. Each board has simple long vowel team words. 

Long Vowel Games: /oa/ words

I included gray scale copies too. I like to send these home in summer packs or over vacation. My students enjoy playing these at home with their parents and siblings!

This set also has 5 boards: ai, ea, ee, oa and a mixed vowel board. These boards also include blends and digraphs for each vowel team. Ex: cheap, sprain, float, and sheep.

If you would like to incorporate this resource into your ELA routine, you can find it in my TpT shop!  

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  1. These look AWESOME Meliss! I think they are my favorite layout so far, but I do love how all of your printables look!

  2. Just popping in to say hey!! These look adorable!! I know who to come to if I ever teach lower grades because all of your stuff is amazing!! :O)

    Have a great weekend!
    Collaboration Cuties

    PS-Actually now that I say that I see I could use these in 4th for perhaps a word work station...I'm headed to check them out! Thanks!

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