Nail Art - Waterfall Nails

I first saw Waterfall nails on Pinterest (click to see the pics) and I was smitten! I loved the the way you could layer colors over colors in little delicate lines! In my opinion one can never have enough color on their nails! So I hopped on over to The Nailasaurus to check out her tutorial!

I had everything I needed, including the proper long, skinny brush. Alas, I am not good at delicate lines, so my attempt is a bit more heavy handed!!
I always end up with blobs on my brush which results in my thick lines. I do love the color combo though!
I can definitely see myself trying this technique again, there are just so many colors that would look great together. Perhaps I will even achieve a skinny(ish) line eventually!
For this manicure I used: (click for a link to each polish!)
Zoya - Charisma
Sally Hansen Complete Salon - Grass Slipper
China Glaze - Platinum Silver
Maybelline Color Show - Pacific Blues

What's on your nails lately? Have any of you tried textured polish yet? I am intrigued by it, but I also like a smooth nail. I think I would hate the feel of it after one day!! Let me know what is on your nails and toes in the comments below!!