Things I Love - April Edition

This has now become my most favorite jacket ever! And that is saying a lot because I have quite the coat/jacket problem. My dear sissy gave me a gift card for my birthday and I was able to get this amazing faux leather jacket!

Not only that, the price tag was incorrect, so I got a $30 refund too! :))) (That is me beaming about that!) I wanted to add a link to this but it is sold out already. It is by BLANKNYC and it is so comfy and it goes with everything. I adore the asymmetrical zipper too, more than I can express!

I got this one at Macys with a giftcard from my lovely parents! Macys is having their Friends and Family sale, so I saved 25% on this too! It is by INC and it is really a deep black but I had to lighten the picture to show all the ruffle detailing.
I got this INC top at Macys too, for 25% off. Mine is a taupey color, but the sequins give it a silver look. I am smitten with this shirt. I feel it will make going back to school on the Monday morning after vacation just a bit easier!

My last Macys purchase was this Fossil handbag. I have not bought a Fossil bag in a few years but I could not resist this one. The colors are so pretty and you cannot go wrong with 25% off and a gift card!

My new dresses!! I love these two so much that I have no idea how I will choose which one to wear first! We have a Dress Barn near us now and I must say I am very excited about that!
Blouses!! I have a lot of blouses and I am so glad that it is finally warm enough for me to wear them again! I love winter but I tend to dress a bit more somberly as it goes on!

Finally we have something that I have wanted to buy for ages but for some reason never got around to getting.

The Conair Infinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler. I seen a lot of infomercials for this. A lot. Since I have never successfully mastered the art of holding a hair dryer AND a hairbrush this is definitely the tool for me! I have curly hair and rarely straighten it - mostly because I whack myself with the hairbrush when I try to. Plus, my hair gets really frizzy and then I have to straighten it for another half hour.

I tried it yesterday, and again today, and I really really love it! I still have to dry my roots with a regular hair dryer first, otherwise it takes too long. But it really does smooth out your hair without taking away too much volume. I still have to use the straightener too, but it does not take anywhere near as long as it did before. It was so much faster that I will now be straightening my hair way more than two times a year!

What are your current obsessions for this month?


  1. Hi Melissa! Your blog is great...I love it! I'm your newest follower! :o)


  2. Ummmm can I shop out of your closet? Ha ha, I am actually looking for some stylish blazers and soft jackets. Though I REALLY want a leather hoodie. Anyway... it looks lovely. :)

    1. Lol, thanks! I know it is so hard to find good jackets! It has taken me about 2 years to find all the ones I have now! Ooh a leather hoodie sounds amazing! :)