Silent E Bunting Games

This is a updated version of a Silent E game I created back when I first opened my shop. I really did not like the bunting I had used - I made it myself and it was dreadful! I also did not like the font, it was way too swirly to read easily.

I am slowly updating all the items in my shop to make them easier to read. I just started a Facebook and Twitter page that will have updates on all these changes! You can find them on the right-hand side at the top of this page! Thanks to my fabulously talented sister for making these adorable buttons!

This set has five game boards all with Silent E words (a, i, o , u and a mixed vowel board for reviewing.)

They are great for Literacy Centers and small group work! I have been playing this game with my first grade group all week. We were using the Candy Colored Long Vowel Team Games - but I noticed that when they were reading their books they were not reading Silent E words with the long vowel sound. I figured it was time for a review!

They really enjoy discussing each word that they land on and what it means. They especially like when they can act out the words too! I like taking the extra time to do this when we play these games, it really lets me see how well they are comprehending the words they decode.

I included gray scale copies of all the games, as well as the rules. I am going to put a pack of these gray scale copies together for them to take home this summer! That way I will know that they can keep on practicing these skills!
This set is available in my TpT shop!


  1. Oh I would love to win these. I have a few children who are really struggling with the silent e words. We would use them during our morning, extra small group time. I like your other games - blends too! Added them to my wish list:)
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  2. Ah... The tricky silent E! This pack would be great with my struggling kids!

  3. Oh these would be perfect for my little firsties who still struggle with the Silent E! I would love to be able to use this during our small group intervention time and eventually have it as part of their Daily 5 rotations. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. I have several children who are struggling with this skill and this looks like a fun activity for them and as a fun review for the rest of my class!