Glitter Dots and Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Glitter!! I adore all things sparkly and that has been evident on my nails lately! I have been seeing a lot of glitter dots on nails and I love how it looks! Glitter polish is gorgeous but horrendous to remove and this seemed like a better way to have the glitter without the hassle!

I painted my pinky and thumb with Sally Hansen Black Out and my index and middle fingers with China Glaze Platinum Silver (affiliate link). For my ring finger I used Sally Hansen Hot Magenta and China Glaze Pizzazz (affiliate link) for the dots.

Glitter Gradient - I have been wanting to this for a long time, but could not get the glitter to lessen along my nail no matter what I tried! Then I found the answer on Polishpedia! Anja said to tap loose glitter above the nail and gently blow the glitter down the nail.

Now being my messy self I tried this and got glitter everywhere. I seriously mean everywhere!! My bathroom counter was covered with lovely iridescent sparkles! Cleaning them up later was not so lovely. As I apparently cannot be gentle whilst blowing glitter, I decided to place the it  above my nail and then shake it down towards the sink. And it worked - with way less messiness too!

I used Nicole by OPI Virtuous Violet for the base and the iridescent loose glitter is from Michaels. Loose glitter removes way easier than glitter polish too, which is the best part! Now that I can finally do a gradient I know I will be rocking this look a lot!

I am in the hunt for some new spring shades! What colors are you wearing on your nails this week?


  1. Love your nails!!! So fun! I just got mine done....boring old French mani....but did get colors on my toes:) I'm a big Essie fan:) Just got mink muffs on my toes....kind of a taupe/ it:) Last week had bachelorette bash (it's a bright pink:) although I am far from Happy hump day:)

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Thanks Tara! Ooh I love French's, they are so pretty! Ooh I have been looking for a gray - I'll have to check that one out! :)

  2. I LOVE your nails!! I'm a huge fan of glitter too, but it's so hard to get off! I have turquoise this week, with glittery turquoise on my ring fingers :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

    1. Thanks Sarah! Ooh pretty! I am looking for a new turquoise, my Sally Hansen takes way to many coats before it looks right! :)