Spring Matching Games

We switched up our Intervention groups recently and I have discovered that while my new first grade crew are at a higher reading level, they are lacking on recognition of many of their letters! There is a lot of b and d reversals and confusion over j, g sounds as well as names of letters. I thought I would put together a quick matching game we can use to reinforce each letter in both the uppercase and lowercase style.

I included Rules for both Go Fish and Memory. I play Go Fish with my students in our small groups but everyone now and then we have a technology crisis! (The rest of my crew is working on Raz-Kids.com, reading stories on their level.) If I have to go off to help someone with a computer mishap I like to have a game ready for the ones who are waiting ever so patiently for me! I find that Memory works great in this case. They are pro's at laying out the cards for whatever skill we are on and they match away while I tend to the computer issue!

I also included a set of cards with the numbers 1-20 and pictures representing each number. We used to play with one dice but recently I switched to two - it helps to speed up the game when we are short on time! I noticed that many of my students are unable to recognize groups of numbers! I thought this might be a good way to help with that!
There are 20 cards with numbers 1-20 and 20 cards with the pictures for 1-20. We are going to be trying this game out this week and I am hoping that it will help increase their ability to recognize how many are in a group!

This set is available in my TpT shop!


  1. The centers will help my group review and reinforce their letters and numbers!


  2. Poppin in to say hello:) Such cute activities;) Hope you had a great Easter and a wonderful Monday:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Your units are always so wonderful! This would be perfect for my kiddos during their Daily 5 rotations. What a great way to review letters and numbers!

  4. Looks wonderful!