March's Nail Art and Giveaway Winner!!

This was a lazy nails week!  I loved how the gold and black turned out awhile back so I decided to try it out with China Glaze Draped in Velvet combined with Sally Hansen's Fractured Foil on half the nail. I love these colors together!
I was totally inspired by these amazing nails I saw on Polish Obsession - I adore the way Marisa's came out!!  I have a tendency to space my dots out too much. I want to try this one again soon with the dots closer together, or even overlapping like she did. I used Rimmel Lasting Finish Wild Orchid for the base. The dots were done with Essie No Place Like Chrome, Zoya Charisma, and a Confetti Periwinkle color that I can find no link for! I bought it on a whim years ago at some drugstore. I really like the shade though!
This week I decided to try sponge art again. I used Essie Go Overboard for my base, Essie No Place Like Chrome for the petals and China Glaze Champagne Bubbles for the centers.

I chopped a cosmetic sponge into little triangles to make the petals. I  dipped it in the polish (on a plate) and lightly dabbed the tiny corner against my nail. Some came out nice...some rather horribly!

(Take note of the pinky!)  I was informed by a someone that it bore no resemblance to a flower!! However, I love them, in fact I have been admiring them all week!

Next up we have my Spring Matching Games winner! Congratulations Cherie, you are the winner! I will be emailing you tonight! Thanks to everyone who commented!

So what is on your nails this week? Let me know below!