DIY Hair Elastics inspired by Pinterest & the Blogs!

I bought a set of ribbon hair ties over a year ago from one of my favorite online shops. I adore them and they lasted me a little over a year, however they were $8.00 for eight elastics!!! I stumbled upon about a zillion versions of these on Pinterest and I was intrigued! Then I saw them on several of my favorite blogs and websites (Oh So Pretty The Diaries, Love U Madly, and Simple Medicine.) These lovely ladies made it look so fun & I easy that I decided to give it a try!

I got my elastic from the Sunshine Shoppe - I purchased a yard of four different colors (turquoise, hot pink, eggplant and black) for a little over $8.50 including shipping and I was able to make 16 elastics!!
Step 1: Fold the yard of elastics into four parts, cut in half once then cut the remaining two parts in half again.
 Here we have all my colors chopped into fourths and ready to go!
 Step 2: Fold one of the pieces in half.
Step 3: Twist and tie in a knot - then hold the looped end and gently tug the knot towards the open end to tighten it up.
 Step 4: Cut the excess elastic at an angle.
Step 5: Lightly burn the edges to prevent fraying - I only had to pass the flame over them for about a second before they sealed up. (Notice I have no picture of this as I am a bit too klutzy to attempt to take a picture whilst burning something!!)

Presto! Finished elastics!
They were so easy! I was done in a matter of minutes!! I ended up with twice the amount of elastics for just about the same price. You cannot beat that!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope you and your families have a wonderful and relaxing holiday!

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