Onset & Rime Game Short Vowel Game

This game has 6 rime boards: 1 for each short vowel & 1 mixed vowel board for reviewing. It also has two sets of onset cards.

The flowered  cards are for single consonants and the blue cards are for blends & digraphs.

To play this game the students will roll the dice & read the rime they land on. Next, they will choose two onset cards and blend each sound together with the rime. If they land on "ack" they will read the rime and then turn over two onset cards (ex: s and bl) they will then say "sack"&  "black."

I also included grayscale versions for all of the game boards and cards.

The bright and beautiful backgrounds are digital papers by Maree Truelove.

This game is available at my TpT store.

Have a great night!

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