Word of the Day Posters with Definitions and Context

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word of the day for grades 3-5

This pack includes 200 Words designed to help boost your students vocabulary. Each word has a definition and a context sentence included to increase your students understanding of the word.

It also includes 2 Display signs (Word of the Day and Daily Word.)

Word of the Day Posters

This allows you to use a new vocabulary word each day. Simply choose the word you would like to use that day and hang it under the display sign! 

word of the day word list

I included checklists for all of the words (in alphabetical order) to make it easier to keep track of the ones you have used throughout the year. I added an extra 20 words in just to give everyone a variety of words to choose from.

Word of the Day Posters

This is a great opening activity for workshops, Intervention, Word Study or Morning Meeting!

I choose a different student to help with each part - one for the word, one for the definition and one for the context. For my class, I created a list for each class of who reads which part each day to avoid the "I never get to do that!!!" It has been a huge lifesaver!

After we have finished I pick 3 - 5 students who then use the new vocabulary word in their own sentences. Today my 3rd graders came up with the best ones (the word of the day was stingy.)

"I was stingy with my new birthday present and wouldn't let my friends play with it."

"I was stingy with my puppy and did not invite my friends over to meet him!"

I really like including this informal assessment into the lesson, as it lets me see if they really grasp the meaning of the word!

This set is available in my TpT store!


  1. I'd use it as word of the day in my future classroom! Or, I'd use it for a 'spice up my writing' bulletin board type thing! Thank you for the chance :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  2. Can't tell you how fab I think it is cause I don't have a word for how fab it is. Maybe there is one in the packet I can learn. ;P