Computer Lab Word Walls

computer lab shortcut keys

In the past I had a word wall in Computer Lab, but this year I decided to revamp it. I wanted it to tie in more with my color scheme and to stand out more on the plain walls. I was thrilled with how it turned out and my students seem to enjoy it too! One of my fifth graders was absent for a few days when I made these changes. When she came back she told me that she loves how all the signs and colors go together. I adore comments like that - it totally made my day! The other teachers that use the Lab like the Keyboard Shortcut wall a lot, a few have said they will be coming by to study it! 
computer lab shortcut keys

The Keyboard Shortcuts are available for both Mac & PC (command + or ctrl +). I went with the bulletin board this year, instead of my usual word wall.  This is the first thing everyone sees when they come to Computer Lab, and I do see my students reading it and using it a lot!

This set includes the Keyboard Shortcut Sign and 10 shortcuts, 30 computer terms which can be used for a Word Wall or as a bulletin board.
computer lab shortcut keys
I also included reminder signs for shutting down the computers, putting away headphones (something that is forgotten a lot in my room at least!) and an End of the Day checklist for the person who leaves the room last. 

The Computer Lab is also used by the after school program and these signs have been a great way to remind whoever is in charge for the day about what needs to be completed before leaving.
Shortcut Keys for Computer Lab

I put all these items into a pack which is in both my TpT shop!
Shortcut Keys for Computer LabShortcut Keys for Computer Lab
computer lab shortcut keysShortcut Keys for computersThis set is also available with a white background in both my TpT shop!

I hope everyone had a great Monday and thanks for visiting my blog!

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  1. You know I purchased these because I loved them so much. I have computers in my room this year for my own, mini computer lab and I thought they were the perfect addition. Still working out the best place for them but I just can't wait to put them up. :)

    Thanks for making them.

  2. You're welcome and I'm glad they will be useful!