Number and Color Words Pack

I have a few first graders this year that are really struggling with number and color words, so I wanted to create a pack of games and skill sheets to help familiarize them with these words.

First we have three game boards, a Number Words, a Color Words and a board mixed with both number and color words for reviewing.
Directions are included as are grayscale versions of these games. I like to print these copies so my students can work on the skills at home with their siblings and friends.

Next we have some skill sheets featuring word scrambles, counting, coloring, labeling and word searches. I included answer keys for all of these sheets as well.
Then we have the matching cards. I included four sets of cards, two for each skill (numbers & colors.)

The first sets, the pink and purple, are for matching the word with the word.  For example: red to red, eight to eight.

The second sets, the green and blue, are for matching the word to its representation. For example: the word orange with the orange colored square, the number seven to the card with seven stars. Students can use these cards for Memory or Go Fish. Rules are included for these games as well.

Lastly we have 12 bingo boards; 6 boards with Number Words and 6 boards with Color Words. These are a great resource for centers, stations, Reading Groups, tutoring or Intervention. I like to have my students play these in a small group while I am testing or working one on one with another student.
This set is available in my TpT  shop!

Have a great day! 

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